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Six-Guns is an epic wild west FPS for Android that's definitely better enjoyed on a tablet or high-spec phone.

If you've always fancied yourself as a gun slinger, you'd be mad not to check out Six-Guns. Amazingly, this detailed, complex first person shooter is free to download and play - you just need a powerful device and plenty of time. The game (and the extra data you may need to download to play), takes a while to download and install, but once you're done, you're free to experience all Six-Guns has to offer.

Six-Guns is a wild west shooting game that takes place in an open world. Wander around for a few minutes, and you'll be challenged in various ways by a buxom blond who serves as your guide. The first few missions are simple enough, and designed to get to grips with the controls and gameplay.

As you succeed in Six-Guns, you'll gain experience, gold and guns. As with many games of its type, it will take a LOT of effort to earn enough money to buy the cool stuff, but don't despair, as there's an in-game purchase system. There are 40 missions in Six-Guns, which should be enough to keep you busy for a good while.

Look and sound
Six-Guns is pretty impressive. The graphics, although not quite as amazing as games like GT Racing: Motor Academy, for example, are pretty good and look great on a tablet. The sounds are convincing and, in all, it's a pretty great offering for a free game.

Being honest, it took us a little time to get to grips with Six-Guns' controls, despite the tutorial-missions. It wasn't immediately obvious how to work the fight dial, and took a little while to figure out how to swap from moving to fighting and vice-versa. It comes after a while though, and eventually playing Six-Guns seems quite natural - even when you're riding a horse, which is notoriously difficult in these games!

The lowdown
We loved Six-Guns, although it's obvious that it isn't quite at the top of its game. The graphics are good, gameplay is exciting and it will keep you busy for quite a while, even without having to recourse to in-app purchases. We think that Six-Guns is the perfect app for extended play, and can really imagine sitting down to the game for a good few hours - on a flight, say. If your battery lives up to the challenge, that is!

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