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V1.1, for Android 2.3,2.3.1,2.3.2

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QR code to download Red Hearts Live Wallpaper Animated beautiful picture with hearts and breathing flickering effect, symbolizing the wonderful feeling of love. Love - a passionate, all-consuming feeling completely seizes man. It brings out the best qualities of the soul, the light illuminates the life of kindness and self-sacrifice. It is love that inspires, gives a sense of the supreme fullness of life, rises above the gray everyday life and fills new bright colors, emotional melody. Breathable heart of our application admirably reflect the mood of the picture. For yourself, you can choose in our settings the number, speed, direction. A pleasant surprise from our developers will be for you when you press your finger on the heart and you will be pleasantly surprised.
Wallpapers are easy to install, suitable for both smartphones and tablets.
Do not discharge your battery when the screen of your smartphone or tablet is turned off.
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Tenderness application Red Heart Live Wallpaper intertwined with passion, sensuality turns into love. Moving around the screen of the smartphone, tablet red heart captivates with its view of the pulsating stars. Flickering heart hypnotize and hold, takes us into a magical dance of love.

Image taken from the website .
Author name: MattysFlicks, title: Smoke Art - Hearts (White on red).
All rights belong to the author.