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for Android 2.3, 2.3.1, 2.3.2
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Autumn is the Golden season of the year, which carries a maturity, ripeness and perfection. It transforms meadows, forests, fields, city squares into true works of art. The last warm Sunny days, I want more to enjoy these Golden colors of nature, get some fresh air in anticipation of winter. Our app is a beautiful animated picture of Golden autumn, the forest where presented to us in a purple-gold color. Easy falling leaves application laid on the ground, creating a multi-colored soft carpet. The number, speed and direction of which you choose in our settings.
Interesting spectacle of our Wallpaper is the flipping of the screen, where the movement of your finger move and our leaves, making our application more interactive, dynamic and interesting. No less interesting is the pressing of a finger on a leaf, invented by our developers for a bigger splash your emotions. To install our Wallpaper is very easy – click on the “Install” button. They are suitable for both smartphones and tablets, not drain your battery when the screen of your gadget is turned off. Installed without distortion of the picture have been tested on many modern smartphones and tablets. The Wallpaper is carefully selected by our designer in HD quality. Loaded and work well even on low-powered devices. Optimized, quick to install and take up little space on your device. Settings are simple and clear. Fully free.

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