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for Android 2.3, 2.3.1, 2.3.2
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Free animated Dragonfly Live Wallpapers HD for your smartphone or tablet.
Live Wallpaper Dragonfly this is a free animated beautiful picture devoted to the nature theme. The flora and fauna on our planet are multifaceted and diverse, we want to offer you a dragonfly inhabiting since prehistoric times. Its slim shape and colouring it plays an important role in the aesthetic perception of the world, so our Wallpapers can serve not only people who love nature and children, to whom this world had just opened. Shimmering effects of our application will not leave anyone indifferent, quantity, size, direction you can choose in our preferences. Install are very simple – you click “Install”. Our Wallpapers are suitable for both smartphones and tablets. Energy saving, do not sit down a charge of your battery when the screen is off. Installed without distortion of the picture. The Wallpaper is carefully selected by our designer in HD quality. Were tested on many modern smartphones and tablets. Loaded and work well even on older, low-powered devices. Take up little space on your device. Settings simple and intuitive even for a child. Respond to flipping through the screens, making them much more exciting. Completely free. The dragonfly lives in all regions of the world where warm climate, water and plenty of food. It is the fastest insect is able to travel great distances. Children love the dragonfly, especially for its transparent wings. Thus, our application is suitable for your children, a lesson for education interest in nature and careful attitude to it.

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Image taken from the website https://www.flickr.com Author name: MattysFlicks, title: Orange dragonfly macro front view. License: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/ The Image was adapted. All rights belong to the author.