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Our game is primarily cognitive. Many will be interested to know the flag of another country other than their own. The essence of the game is to the proposed flag of the country. In an empty slot, drag the selected letter, in case of an error - just click on it. Take the hint: show one letter or to remove all incorrect. Playing the game every day, you get extra stars, which can then be used as prompts. Guess, learn and share the link in your favorite social groups. Looking at the flag of your country, pounding heart, as it is the symbol of your country where you were born, studied, grew up, live. It's the most beautiful and dear. It, as well as the anthem is a symbol of the state. Each country has its own, which is painted in their colors, and each color carries its definition and its history. The flag is the most prominent and highest point in the city, the village could be seen, as a rule, administrative buildings and plays a critical role in the public life of the country. Our quiz beautiful, colorful, exciting. Offer to play with the whole family, friends and generations to compete, to show off his erudition, memory, to train the brain and just have fun. For people who love to travel this free quiz will evoke pleasant memories and may determine the address of your future trips. Play it and explore it, because it is so beautiful and interesting.
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