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Tired of getting killed by those pixel baddies? Tap tap tap there head off!
Relief some stress by getting revenge on those pixel blockheads by throwing all kinds of weapons at them, or kick them around. You got lots of options, from knives to swords to battle hammers! Throw them at your pixel foe and rank up points while having fun at their expense.

Tired of throwing stuff? Purchase some bombs and blow him up! Watch the pixel blockheads fly in the air with style!

Unlock some cars and watch the blockhead get squished, or get 2 and watch a big explosion!

Finally unlock some special effects to see some cool new ways to have fun with the pixel blockhead, like lightning or lava pools!

If you don't like beating up the default pixel blockhead, unlock some new skins so you can beat up things like slimes, zombies, superheroes, creepers, titan, or santa!

You can also design your own character using the skins you have unlocked.
Also you can create an avatar with your pixel blockhead as the star. Put him in different poses with different backgrounds and email it to yourself or share it!

• Tons of awesome 3D weapons!
• Explosions and bombs!
• Race cars and Monster trucks!
• Lots of skins to buy and equip
• Design your own skin!
• Create an avatar based on your character!

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