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What could be more beautiful white roses, presented in Valentine's Day? It is beautiful and romantic. The image elegant white rose, against which a shimmering red heart, animated by our developers in a live Wallpaper. Rose, the Queen of all colors in nature and white rose is a symbol of chastity and purity, the flower first date and wedding bouquet, a symbol of bliss and love, perfection and joy. Animated roses our application enliven the picture. Their number, speed and direction you put in the settings of our Wallpaper when you download it to your smartphone or tablet. Space on your device they will take quite a bit. The application of energy-saving, which means the battery of your gadget will be discharged very moderately. Wallpaper tested on modern devices, and our developers are working perfectly. Unexpected and pleasant moment for you will be pressing the finger on the animated flower. Easy dynamics app add hearts, directed in a desired direction, turning the screen. The application is completely free. Download our live Wallpaper, a fun spirit to you on Valentine's Day and don't forget that the white rose is also a symbol of wisdom, secrecy and silence. Contact with her images of mystic center, the heart, heaven, sweetheart, Venus, beauty, Catholic Church of our lady.

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Image taken by the license: CC0 Public Domain
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