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We offer you a live wallpaper American flag. The perfect image of a bird symbol USA - Bald Eagle, a large bird of prey that lives in the US, Canada and Mexico, was considered a sacred bird in the cultures of many indigenous people of North America, on the background of the state flag of the United States, also known as the Stars and Stripes, which is also the official national symbol of the United States along with the coat of arms and anthem. It is a rectangular panel with 13 stripes: former colonies, which formed an independent state, and 50 five-pointed white star, corresponding to the number of states, as well as a blue rectangle to the left, symbolizing the Union. Stars animated live wallpaper of the American flag, our developers animated picture. Number of speed and direction of which, as you select in the settings of our application when install it on your smartphone or tablet. It takes up minimal space on your device; the application of energy saving; completely free. An unexpected and pleasant moment to touch on the animated star, which will turn into the emblem. When flipping the screen, you feel a slight trend of stars, forward in your chosen direction. Download our live Wallpaper, touch the justice and vigilance, endurance, and valor, innocence and purity, which symbolizes the national flag of the United States.

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Image taken by the license: CC0 Public Domain