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for Android 2.3, 2.3.1, 2.3.2
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Free animated summer flower Dandelion Live Wallpaper HD for your smartphone or tablet.

Today we want to offer you an unusual picture of a dandelion is half-crumbled, against the backdrop of beautiful wild flowers after a summer rain, in a beautiful animated live Wallpaper. After a long winter, with the first spring sun, followed by a gentle snowdrop, appears and our hero apps dandelion on a green carpet of new grass. Spring flowers, even modest, possess unusual charm and attractiveness. In nature you can find this flower everywhere, because of the ease of dispersion by the wind of his seed, dandelion summer is quickly gaining territory and near, and far around the parent plant. Animated umbrellas of dandelion seeds enliven the picture. In the settings of our app are set the number, speed and direction when you install it on your smartphone or tablet. The Wallpaper is very economical in power; take up minimal space on your device; tested on modern gadgets, but also work perfectly on all legacy models. Flipping the screen when you tap your finger on the animation object you are waiting for a pleasant surprise, lovingly designed by our developers. Wallpaper free. Sure application easily lace parasols seeds of a dandelion, You will evoke a romantic mood and will carry You away in dreams of fantasies.

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Image taken by the license: CC0 Public Domain
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