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Lovely picture of the Australian flag, animated in live Wallpaper. The current flag of Australia was adopted in 1954 and is interesting in that includes the seven rays of a star. Surrounding on all sides Australia, the ocean, blue symbolizes the color of the flag. The affiliation to the British Commonwealth appears in the upper left corner the flag of great Britain. Six States of the Commonwealth of Australia represent the six white stars, five stars to the right form the constellation of the southern cross — the symbol of Australia's location in the southern hemisphere. Animated stars our developers have enlivened the picture. In the settings of our live Wallpapers, you yourself choose the number, speed and direction, when you download them to your smartphone or tablet without a single defect. They installed easily and quickly, takes up minimal space on your device. The battery power of your gadget take very little. The application has been tested, works perfectly on all models, both new and outdated. The highlight of the application is taping on the animated star. The unexpected part will be the flipping of the screen. The app is completely free. Download our live Wallpaper, it's the unique flag and the only state occupying the entire continent, which appears on the flag and the coat of arms symbolizes the unusual and exotic nature.

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