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1 - 5 free adjustable virtual dices, suitable for all types of dice and non-gambling tabletop games!

Roll the dice against other players or unlimited use these dice app for games like Yahtzee, Yatzy, Craps, Sic Bo, Casino Dice, Monopoly, Hotel Cube DSA and more! More complex dice games with up to 4 cubes with up to 99 pages are supported!

- full featured multi face - multi dices for all tabletop and dice games
- Free Scale, maximum device resolution
- Portrait and Landscape Mode supported
- free and unlimited indie dice tool
- full Color adjustment
- random number generator
- immersion haptic effects / vibration

This app contains NO cheat functions!

Alea iacta est - 100% Unlimited and Free - DOWNLOAD NOW

This is a virtual dice app tool app by ZetApps

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