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Logic word game Guess the Animal by the photo for smartphones and tablets.

We want to offer you a puzzle game. The essence of the game is to guess the proposed animal photo. Letters can be easily moved into empty slots. If you feel you made a mistake, just click on the letter that was misplaced. Guess the words and earn stars, which you can later use to get hints. In order to receive extra stars, play it every day and share the link in your favorite social groups.
The game is interesting for children because it develops memory, thinking, intelligence, and for adults, because it is always nice to remember what may have already been forgotten. Exactly, playing with their children, we develop logic thinking of the child in early childhood and accompany the birth of a person. The game is absolutely free and unique, because downloading it on your phone or tablet, you will be able to do his favorite thing in transport, at home, outdoors. It is in the form of a game perfectly digest the material, understand the world, we train brains. Spend time having fun, with a positive and useful communication. Our app Guess the Animal by the photo for people whose life is in continuing education and search.

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All photos of the game taken by the license: CC0 Public Domain

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