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It can be very romantic when the bad weather settles in. Imagine that you and your beloved one are walking down the city park during the downpour. You are using the same umbrella and it can barely protect you. Still you feel the happiness because you are out. It has both refreshing and romantic effect. The days were pretty hot lately and this shower will cool the atmosphere in the best way. Enjoy the sensational photos with the top Rainy Day Live Wallpapers. Feel like you are in the garden. The day is sunny and you drink tea. The sky above you is magnificently blue. There are some light heavy clouds. The splendid green leaf is in front of you. It is completely covered with water droplets. Its veins looks like the one belonging to the human heart. You realize the amazing similarity between us and the nature. Decorate your phone with the sensational pictures. The spectacular landscapes will take your breath away especially the one of the light purple glass with incredible globules of water. Select from several different themes and decorate your tablet with the awesome photos. Download the latest Rainy Day Live Wallpapers app free of charge today and discover the magic of this spectacular natural phenomenon. Add cool moving effects like hearts or leaves and they will make the screen of your phone more spectacular.
You will spend the next weekend at the farm. There is a magnificent hill just across of your field. It is covered with wood that shines with green and yellows as well as red color. Call your dearest one to join you and feel how the romance spreads in the air. The heavy grey clouds settle in. The weather worsens really fast and the heavy downpour makes you run to the cottage. There are a few bales of hay left. Luckily you have carried the rest of them and placed them in the barn. With the new Rainy Day Live Wallpapers you can watch the amazing blue scenery embellished with small sparkling water globules. Nothing can be seen through the window. Browse the pictures and find the one that attracts your attention the most. Decorate your phone with these popular photos of the wet glass surface completely covered with water drops. The top Rainy Day Live Wallpapers will show you the magnificent patterns that the heavy shower can create on the windows. Share these awesome best pictures with your friends and they will envy you because you got them before them.
Give your phone a brand new look with the popular Rainy Day Live Wallpapers. Imagine that you are in your car driving. The windows are completely wet and you cannot see the road. Although this makes you nervous the magnificent image that the tiny water drops make is so miraculous and the tension is gone. Add cool moving objects like golden light, blue flowers as well as bubbles that can move on your screen all the time and make it even more special. Select the picture you like and tap once to preview the photo and hold to set it as the background. Download free the latest Rainy Day Live Wallpapers application and observe the black glass covered with wonderful globules of water.
How to use the app:
o Go to settings and enable slide show option
o Browse the photos and select the one you like the most
o Just hold to set it as the background
o Choose your favorite moving object and adjust its speed and number
o Enjoy the amazing live wallpapers and show them to everyone