DiabeticCalculatorTrial apk file

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v2.1.5 trial
for Android 4.4
fully clean

Fixed timezone error

Installing new updated version will extend trial period for another 4 mths. "Backup" and "Restore" enables transition to full version without loss of previous data.
Added "Statistics" and "Export", "Import" capability to share foods databases between users.

People are mischievous. Application doesn't contain ads, adult content(Google rating 3+), "viruses", and installs smoothly on Androids 4.4+ .

Diabetes, particularly type 1, is a very serious illness, restricting freedom of the way you eat. To give some more freedom in choice of meals, diabeticians teach patients to calculate their carbohydrates intake in their food, which in turn, together with current glucose level, can optimize amount of insulin they should inject. But, off-course you have to read nutrition labels, weigh your meals and do some maths. Because my wife has fallen sick with type 1 diabetes, after visits to diabetic educators, I decided to write for her simple program where she can create database of foods she eats, and which will do carbohydrates counting for her. I used desktop database application and put it on her laptop.After about 3 years of her using software religiously before every meal, somebody asked me if I could write application version of program for smartphone. Well, here it is. This is a trial version, it's free, but it will stop working after 4 months, or longer if I find more bugs. I would like to get some return for time I spent on learning Android programming and creating application. Full version will cost you few dollars, about price of cup of coffee, but if you are diabetic type 1, it will make your life much easier.

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