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for Android 2.3, 2.3.1, 2.3.2
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Logic word game Guess the Country by 4 pics for smartphones and tablets.

Offer you word game quiz, the essence of which is to guess the country by 4 pics. In order to enlarge an image, simply click on it. Letters can be easily moved into empty slots. If you feel you made a mistake, just click on the letter that was misplaced. Guess the words and earn stars, which you can later use to get hints. In order to receive extra stars, play it every day and share the link in your favorite social groups.
Game guess the Country for photo interesting and informative for any age. Here are collected pictures of the most famous countries in the world. On the beautiful photos the most recognizable places and attractions of the proposed country. Play it very exciting and fun, especially with family or friends, it grabs you and never lets go. Turn on the memory, add logic and you will succeed. The game is absolutely free and unique, because downloading it on your phone or tablet, you can play it in any place convenient for you. It develops the mind, train the brain, memory, broadens the mind. And, no matter you are an avid traveler or home couch potato, our app guess the Country will beautify your life as soon as you take your rightful place on your device. Enjoy your trip!


All photos of the game taken by the license: CC0 Public Domain