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Talking to children: 200 kid-focused questions to start conversation.
Boring questions like "How was your day?" or "What have you done today?" are not particularly creative to get more than one word answers like "Good." or "Nothing.". Whatever you want to know from children you more likely will find out when you ask the here selected appealing questions to get children talking. The questions are all open-ended, kid-focused and are covering a wide variety of interest.

Conversations build connection, helps children express their thoughts, get what they need, resolve conflicts, ask for help, and learn from adults and from one another. The questions are ideally suited for parents, teachers and educators to learn more about the desires, dreams and beliefs of children. The questions stimulate the imagination of children, are thought-provoking and invite children to talk with you.

In addition some tips are provided on how to ask the right questions in order to get better conversations with children and young people.

The app uses text to speech functionality of your mobile phone in order to read the questions so that even children who can’t read well can ask each other. On some mobile phones you are asked to download high quality text to speech voices.



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