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The 4 Tiles app includes four different games in one: Pairs, Mastermind, Mastermind Pro, Deduce Game

Pairs, also known as Concentration or Memory, is a classic game in which all of the tiles are hidden and two tiles are flipped face up over each turn by tapping on them. The object of the game is to turn over pairs of matching tiles. This game drains your brain because having to memorize the location of colors and shapes gets pretty confusing. But it helps you to improve your memory skills, concentration and patience.

Mastermind is a classic puzzle game from the seventies. You play against the computer and have ten tries to guess a hidden color code at the top of the game board. After each try, you get a hint to see how many colors you have in the correct position. Are you a Master Mind?

Mastermind Pro is a double-Mastermind-style game. The goal is to guess a hidden shape and color code. This makes it much harder to guess.

Deduce Game is another games with hidden tiles. Your challenge is to guess the correct sequence of the tiles based on the clues given. For this you have 3 minutes, otherwise you loose.

The challenge in earning points is to minimize trials and solve each game in the shortest time. The solutions are damn hard to find. Are you a genius? Or a half? Then you can do it!

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