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V1.3, for Android 4.1,4.1.1

fully clean

QR code to download ActionBrickBreaker Brick Breaking Arcade with Ball Blocks!
Tilt the angle and shoot the ball!

An arcade classic time killing game with a new spherical twist!
Shoot balls to break as many blocks as you can!
Aim through the gaps between balls to clear them all!
Killing time with tilt and breaking!

[How to Play]
● Touch the screen and tilt the angle.
● Release the ball to attack as many blocks as possible.
● Aim carefully to hit through bricks.
● Bricks are breaking when the counter reaches 0.
● The game ends when a block reaches the bottom of the screen.
● Use different power ups to break even more bricks.
● Earn coins when you break all of the blocks in a level.

[Game Features]
◉ Free to play
◉ Easy to learn, hard to master
◉ Unlimited stages
◉ Support low-end devices

[User Community]
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