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for Android 4.0, 4.0.1, 4.0.2
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People are becoming increasingly lazy. Saving information through typing or writing on paper is no longer a favorite. Moreover, to save information in the traditional way is time consuming. Thus, the software "Note by Image" offers new ways for people to quickly and easily with just a few operations can save information visually. The information can be saved via a photo capture such as: Card visit, bank card, home address, paragraphs written / presented on the board, or commemorative photos.
The software allows to divide by folder tree structure, so users can fully lay out their own storage arrangement to suit their own needs.
In addition, the software supports 2 levels of security: login level and directory protection level. You have complete peace of mind with the information of a personal nature.
Other features include:
- Added from the system's image directory.
- Added from camera
- Search the current directory
- Move in folders
- Modify the information of each note or folder
- Automatic backup to google driver ....

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