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From before the creation of the world, in heaven the first battle took place between a powerful angel named Lucifer and his rival, the Son of God.

Satan, as he was called later, was expelled from heaven along with many angels who followed him. However, this celestial war moved to the new planet that was about to be created, the earth.

This is how humanity also fell under the temptation and dominion of Satan. It was Adam and Eve, our first parents, who gave the dominion of this planet to Satan. And from there all humanity has been suffering the consequences of this cosmic conflict.

But, thank God, now we have light about how this conflict began, and above all we know with certainty how it will end.

For this reason, this book will show you in detail all the history, from before the foundation of the world, until when this war comes to an end with the redemption of the righteous.

A story that everyone should know. Taken from the writings of the American author, Ellen G. White, you will be able to read and / or listen to this fascinating story, in which you and I are the protagonists.

We hope that this application will be a blessing for your life.

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