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Ballroom Management
- supports you with the execution of standard ballroom and Latin dance sport tournaments
- full automatic execution of music for dance sport training and workouts
- optimize and automatization of tournament and training processes
- easy and intuitive rationalize information about current status of tournament or training
- motivation through random applause jubilance scenarios (during training only, can be switched of anytime)
- Fanfare available anytime
- supports also workouts for other sports
- easy to understand and self-explanatory
- all settings are being checked for plausibility
- "look and feel" for tournaments and training is the same
- NO disrupting and annoying advertisements during tournament or training execution

Ballroom Management supports through:

-> automatically fading and timely precise play of music
-> comprehensive graphical presentation of all relevant information
-> lots of configuration settings available like playtime, repeating, fading, shuffle, pause, claps und more
-> automatically and continuous calculation of probably end time of tournament or training
-> random selection of music from music database
-> full automatic generation of music database which still can be edit any time
-> even during tournament switchable shuffle, applause and fanfare function
-> tournament or training can be paused or finished anytime
-> it can be jumped around in sequence of kind of dances (back- and forth)
-> comprehensive offline help page available

The free version of the Ballroom Management App provides the full functionality for use for the 3 dances of the D-class in Standard and Latin. If you want to use the app for all the other classes (B-A-S) I kindly ask you to support the very time-consuming development work for this app, by ordering a license key for just 5,99€ or by donating at least that sum. You’ll find further information and appropriate links within the App’s “info” page.

And do not forget to peek a look at my „Ballroom Skating“ app! Both apps are absolutely advertisement free!

Release notes:

Version 3.0.0:

Playlists: It is possible now to establish playlists. For different tournaments or trainings it is possible now to use playlists with differents song selections.

Searchpath: It is possible to start searching for music files from a specific directorie now.

Searchalgorythms: Search algorthim has been enhanced to allow better assignment of music files to dances.

Language support: English language is available for the user interface now

Version 2.1.1:
Adapations to the actual Android requirements concerning access rights grants for the app

Version 2.1.0:
The sequence of dances can be selected according TSO or WDSF within the setting page now.

Version 2.0.0:
Layout has been completely refurbished:
1. All different screen sizes will be supportet now and the full available screen size will be used
2. Tablets are better supported now
3. Colors are used more consequently now:
- grey = generel text
- blue = Hints for useful information
- orange = important actions ongoing or important inputs necessary or possible
- green = Eingaben möglich
- red = important information or failure or important input necessary

Version 1.3.0:
Since TSO 3.1 SEN4 is allowed to dance Vienice Waltz for 1min only. That can be selected within the settings page now. All other dance will be played for the variable duration which has been set.

Version 1.2.0:
There was a timing error concerning the fading of the misc and buttons availability.

Version 1.1.0:
Some small dicrepancies and failures have been eliminated.