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for Android 4.0, 4.0.1, 4.0.2
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Discover the child in you and be amazed with the collection of the sensational drawings related to the toys. Download free the newest Robot Coloring Book app on your phone and have fun. The sensational illustrations will fascinate you with the sweetest humanoid that looks like the chef in a restaurant. It will become your favorite one because you love cooking so tap on the paint bucket to fill with brilliant shades the gaps of it. Do not hesitate but make the coolest photo out of it which will beautify the screen of your tablet. Imagine that it is your favorite toy with which you played when you were a child and have tons of fun while you create it. With the latest robot coloring application you will be amuse your kids in the best possible way with the cutest little one eye machine with the body of the human. Encourage them to express their imagination and bring the loveliest shades to it and enjoy while they paint the coolest photos.
Complete the next steps and feel the joy with the Robot Coloring Book:
Go to the choose picture page and single out the drawing you like
Use the paint bucket or the pencil to color the sketches
Tap the eraser to correct the mistakes if you make them
Set as wallpaper or save your artwork in the gallery
Browse the fabulous drawings on the choose picture page. There, single out the best one and have fun exploring color combinations in the paint palette to find the one that is perfect for it. With the top robots coloring images you will have the opportunity to listen to the awesome music in the background while you work on the sketches. This stress-relieving game really affects your mood and emotions while you pay attention to even the tiniest details of the funny humanoid with the symbol of heart on its body. Tap the hand icon and you will be able to zoom in or out the picture. You will feel relaxed like never before and suddenly all your worries and problems will disappear thanks to the popular Robot Coloring Book for adults and children. Whenever you feel down unlock your phone and start playing the top game and it will cheer you up and give you the strength to confront all the obstacles that are yet to come.
The children will be thrilled with the newest robot coloring pages when they realize that they can create their own image. Encourage them to use their imagination and make the masterpiece of art with the wonderful pencil which size is adjustable. They should not panic if they make a mistake as nothing is irreparable. Tell them to click the eraser and correct everything with it. Embellish the machine that reminds of the vacuum cleaner and show it to you children to hear their opinion about your art skills. The kids will work on the sketch of the toy that looks like a being from the outer space. When they finish you can save their artwork in the gallery or set it as wallpaper on your smartphone. Download free the popular Robot Coloring Book and enjoy the latest illustrations. Now is the high time to discover the key features of this sensational app:
Amazing illustrations to free your mind with
Breathtaking color combinations in the paint palette
The opportunity to create your own image and share it with friends

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