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for Android 3.0.x
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⦁ SEREN breaks barriers and connects you with locals through common interests.
⦁ Join or create your own event in 10 different interest categories to meet and CONNECT with people from all kinds of backgrounds and places in life
⦁ Check in, upload photos to capture precious "memories" of the event, or go for Round 2.
⦁ Like or Comment on your friend's memory lane entries
⦁ Convenient instant messaging with friends or groups specific of every event you attend. Chat, photo and video sharing easier than ever.
⦁ Icebreaking is easy, no need to make small talk online because you already have something in common offline!

Social Networking was never meant to be done online, we are using the internet as a platform to bring it back offline, where it belongs.

Don’t stop connecting.

Seren Technologies Inc. is a Vancouver based tech start up that aspires to build the best mobile applications that make a positive impact on the user’s lives. We believe that technology should bring comfort and convenience to our lives and not take away any of the good things we treasure such as face to face time with friends and family in return for the convenience and comfort it brings. Seren the Social Networking App is the first product that follows that vision.

Category: Free Lifestyle APP

Requirements: Android 3.0+

Publish Date: 2015-07-21

Author: Zhiqiang Peng

Latest Version: 1.1

What's new: 2016-02-08:
1. Major bug fixes: privacy settings, android data usage, time zone problems resolved.
2. A new and improved events page.
3. A new and improved chat.

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