Prison Break The Last Escape Plan V1 1 apk file

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The prison break: the last escape plan is a real thought-provoking prison escape game in which you have to solve the mysterious brain teasers and puzzles in order to set yourself free. Escaping a highly secure prison is a sort of tough job which you have to do by performing several stealth missions. Manipulate the security guards, blind the cameras and break the most complicated security system ever. You have to be very careful during this venture as your little mistake can be proven fatal. Don’t make noise and measure each and every step before it is too late. Use the combination of several techniques like crouching, running etc. to successfully complete each mission and keep your eyes open to cope with the incoming patrols.

Rules are meant to be broken so the jails are. Don’t forget that freedom is your basic right and no one can stop you escaping a dark prison. Just plan your escape route wisely and have a keen eye on the surrounding. Note the movements of guards, check their patrolling schedule and keep a low profile while dodging them. Don’t forget to keep yourself out of the sight of security cameras else the alarm will set on. Check the security camera’s range before changing your position and use the run button to sneak past quickly. You have to cope with multiple challenges throughout the game to open each door. Each mission has specific puzzles for you with different prison breaking techniques and extreme thrill. Clear each mission to access the next level.

Experience the real excitement and thrill by playing the dozen of prison escaping missions in this great prison escape game. This prison break game is not some ordinary jail escape game as it is developed with most advance AI along with HD graphics and gorgeous animations. Have a most realistic feel of jail environment with dynamicplayer movements and real physics-based gameplay. Have a unique experience of breaking the prison with bare hands, without any equipment or external reinforcements. This is your fight and you have to win it alone. So, be ready for the most thrilling and breath-taking adventure of your life and prove your abilities by escaping the prisons as fast as you can.

Prison Break: The Last Escape Plan Features:

•Real 3D game view with dynamic physics.
•A lot of brain teasers and mysterious puzzles.
•Multiple missions with different escape plans.
•Good sound effects and music.
•Extremely challenging gameplay.
•Excellent enemy AI & accurate navigations.
•You can play this game offline.
•Free to download and play!

How to Play:

• Swipe your device screen to look around.
• Use the virtual joystick to move.
•Tap the punch button to knock out the guards.
• Use the crouch & run buttons as per situation.
• Keep an eye on the time.

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