Ultimate Dino Land Flying Adventure V1 2 apk file

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for Android 4.0, 4.0.1, 4.0.2
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Brace yourself for the real thrilling and ultimate dino land flying adventure while rushing through the ancient temples and beautiful landscapes. Enjoy the furious ride of a flying tyrannosaurus simulator along with multiple flying pterodactyls and survive in the dino world which is territory of fire breathing dragons. Unlike typical flying animal simulator games, experience the most realistic dinosaur simulation for the first time and perform the mid-air amazing stunts to avoid crashing with hurdles and obstacles. Rush like crazy on the most impossible tracks and swipe the finger across your device screen up and down to bypass the angry flying dragons and other furious creatures. This endless running game is all about survival in the beautiful dino land which is designed with stunning high quality graphics and amazing 3D animation. So, unleash your inner dino and immerse yourself in the world of endless flying adventure and fun.

The ultimate dino land flying adventure is one of the best pterodactyl dinosaur game which allows you to ride on real 3D flying pterodactyl simulator in the jungle zoo. Conquer the dino land like a real dragon master and use the perfect combination of speed and balance to control your flying fury dinosaur. Use the multiple camera views to enhance your dino flying skills and get your fury dino to the sky highs. Riding a flying dinosaur simulator is a quite tough challenge, especially when you have to survive against the guardian dragons of ancient city. So accept this breathtaking challenge and fly as fast as you can without falling down in the abyss. Just like subway surfing games, you have to cover the longest distance to make some new high records.

Ultimate dino land flying adventure game allows you to experience the multiple furious rides like Fate Dragon, UFO, BMX and Stolen Cape etc. Select your favorite ride from the game shop and use the gems to unlock the more amazing game features. You can earn unlimited gems during your endless running adventure. Collect as many gems and jewels as you can to buy more power ups and speed boosters. Also, you can unlock the survival mode using the blue diamonds to experience the real breathtaking survival adventure in the various amazing terrains. So don’t wait and download this amazing flying dino game for free and play this dino land game even without internet access.

Key Features of Ultimate Dino Land Flying Game:

- Endless running adventure through ancient temples.
- 4 amazing rides to cover the longest distance.
- Magnet circle, doodle doo, big bite and protective shields.
- Incredible hurdles and obstacles to fly.
- Smooth controls and user friendly GUI.
- Multiple terrains with detailed textures.
- Free to download and works without internet.


- Swipe your finger across the device screen to control the moves.
- Jump or slide down to bypass the fire breathing flying dragons.
- Make the highest score by covering the longest distance.
- Collect as many gems as you can.

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