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for Android 4.1, 4.1.1
fully clean

Sweet Coloring Book for education and learning, With magic zoom feature

This Coloring book apps are full of simple and basic images, is designed for high hopes people like you.
No score or higher highscores, just beat all colorless images,
Color the images on your phone or tablet in this virtual coloring, play your finger,
We release so many images, like a bunch of cats in the house, rabbit family, train, dalmatian puppy,
dinosaurs,planes and helicopters that are flying again, snow man in front of the palace,
deer, birds, squirrels gather again, sharks standing in the underwater city, tiger with cake full of candy and candle, bubble,
duck with flying boat, beaver eat something, cat in farm house, the rabbit driver who is driving a small car.
This can make the learn like in school, when you will coloring on a small, harder part, and narrow part,
don't worry, we have the special feature of this game is the zoom feature that you will not find in other coloring books,
it will safe your times and avoid from mistake, this ideas is for you, can increasing work result,
This feature will compete with the another exact application, hope this is a future idea for coloring game,


For zoom, double click out side red circle, and double click inside red circle to back to normal size

Feature :

- It's Free
- Zoom feature 2x
- addictive
- Coloring For Kids contains so many images.
- Coloring For Kids is free
- Easy to use
- Available eraser and full colors
- Brush can be set small or large

Happy paint and learn.

Enjoy !!!!!!!!

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