Jurassic Craft World Park Addon for MCPE apk file

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for Android 4.0.1 - 4.0.2 (or above)
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Play in one of the most popular mini-games addon Jurassic Craft World Park with our creation addon map for Minecraft!\n
Jurassic Craft World Park is one of the most popular creation addon maps for Minecraft.\n
This map lets you explore Jurassic World in Minecraft Pocket Edition.\n
At the same time it is an incredibly detailed map it’s also amazingly huge.\n
The park includes the Visitor Center, a big hotel, 18 different dinosaur types and much more.\n
It’s really a must-play for anyone who loves Minecraft and dinosaurs!\n

• You can download this map for Minecraft for free.\n
• In order to play with this map Minecraft Pocket Edition should be installed on your mobile device.\n
DISCLAIMER: This map for MCPE isn’t made or supported by Mojang.\n
Minecraft and Minecraft Pocket Edition are official trademarks of Mojang AB.\n
The developers of this MCPE map don’t cooperate with Mojang.\n
This application fully adheres to the terms set up by Mojang AB.\n
More info at https://account.mojang.com/terms.

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