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Bird Games You Must Try

Dodge is the key to this bird game, your job is to help the little bird to fly towards its nest,
because the little bird that flies so high, he must avoid a collision from an airplane flying in the sky too,
The plane that must be Dodge is not just one , if only one is a small problem,
But the little bird must avoid the 5 airplanes that come together,
Speed, foresight and your reflexes are highly relied on, the more obstacles that can be avoided,
the faster the plane will come, prove you have the right to guide the little bird by break the highest score
let's help the birds so they can safely reach the nest.


-Free To Play
-It is a great time killer
-Challenging Gameplay
-keep you awake
-Lite game
-No complex functions
-Beautiful music background

Enjoy !!!

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