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Gameicreate has come up with another awesome game on "Royal Western Wedding". We have given our best to describe a perfect
western wedding with lots of fun, entertainment, and an amazing love story. This wedding game also involves a number of
mini games to give you thoroughly wedding enjoyment.

This love story game is about two best friends: Prince Harry and Gorgeous Angelina, who deep down love each other.
But unable to express their love feelings. One day Prince Harry decided to propose her with a beautiful ring.
He called Angelina and planned to meet. They went to a coffee shop in his car, take some tasty coffee and sit
near a lake where they used to come. Prince Harry expressed her feelings and proposed her for the perfect wedding.
Angelina accepted her proposal. After that, they started planning their pre wedding rituals. They book an appointment
at the wedding planner and started planning their prewedding party. In Groom's bachelor party, there will be so
many exciting mini game activities like Bottle Shooting, Ring Hunt, Ring Toss and wine making. And in girl's
bachelorette party, there will be a Pedicure Treatments game, Pop Corn Making game, and Dinner. Girls have come
up with lots of fantastic gifts for to be bride. Chief Maid Selection will be done through a basketball game.
Winner will be the chief maid in her big wedding day. After the amazing bachelor parties, both go to make attractive
wedding invitation card for the guest. They also decided to give a tasty chocolate box with the custom invitation card.

Prince Harry and Angelina go to the wedding shop where the bride will have her refreshing spa treatments in salon game,
wedding makes up in the makeup game, beautiful dress up for the wedding in wedding dress up game, earrings & necklace
and crown in this marriage game. Groom will also have his elegant dress up and then they will go to purchase a bouquet
and the beautiful wedding cake. Now they have finished the wedding shopping so it's time to decorate the wedding venue
and wedding car in this decoration game. After that flower girl will purchase the flowers and scatter them on the carpet.
Now the wedding ceremony starts with the bride entry. There will be a surprise for her by Prince Harry. After that wedding
ceremony starts when Prince Harry reveals the veil. The wedding vows are taken, rings are exchanged and Groom kisses the
bride and seals the vows. And lastly the bouquet toss will be played and the couple has their first drive after the wedding.
Now it's time for the reception. The newly wedded couple had a grand entry in this reception game. Then there will be
cake cutting and a couple dance game. Lastly, there will be so much fun in the choose shoe game. In the last,
Prince Harry and Angelina will take a look at their wedding album.

Key Features:
- The romantic love story of Prince Harry & Angelina
- Make the tasty coffee for them
- Lovely poses for the romantic couple
- Exciting Car mini game
- Perform pedicure treatments
- Cook some puffy popcorn
- So many mini games in the bachelor parties
- Make a creative invitation card & chocolate box
- Amazing animation and designs for the game play
- Purchase wedding shopping
- Decorate the wedding venue and wedding car
- Exciting car mini games and bouquet throw game
- Unlimited fun in the shoe game
- Enjoy a beautiful wedding ceremony
- Decorate the dining table for them
- Perform romantic couple dance

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