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for Android 4.4 - 4.4.4 (or above)
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This application will help you to significantly increase your reading speed.

• Coach by using the 'Courses' section
- Over 100 course steps are built inside the 'Courses' section divided into sections,
these will keep track of your progress even when you close the app

• Accessing the techniques individually in the 'Training' section
- You can access each training technique as you wish, and use the suitable settings for it

• Eight techniques for speed reading
- These are great techniques that will significantly improve your reading speed

• Two techniques of warming up the eyes
- These techniques are necessary in order to avoid eye strain

• Games
- Different games, that will enhance your concentration, searching the words faster, ...etc

• English and Romanian Books
- A collection of different books are included in the app

• Bookmarks:
- You can us bookmarks in order to return to the book later and go the location that you've specified

• Multi-Users:
- This app can be used by more than one user, by registering new users and login/logout.
Each user's settings will be kept separately.

• Multi-language:
- At the moment 2 languages are supported, English and Romanian, in the future new languages will be added.

• Auto pause when there is punctuation.

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