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"Gun Strike Shoot 3D" is a 3D FPS game. In the game, you'll be a brave soldier WHO is experiencing really provocative hot clashes. From Desert Eagle to the AK47 and sniper rifle, you will use a wide range of light and heavy weapons AND even powerful grenades. In the game you can choose both the hot desert battle and the cold city battle. I am sure that a wide range of terrain will increase your passion for research. Quickly collect your weapons and go to the front of the fire line! Features of the game: ** You can determine the number and intelligence of the rogue NPCs, the variety of weapons and the choice of replacement weapons to choose the degree of difficulty you want. The game is particularly mobile thanks to the sniper rifle (including M249, M4A1, AK47, M3, MP5, MAC10, AUG, SG552, P90, Desert Eagle and grenades among the weapons in the game). ** In the game is extremely easy to shoot with weapons. Hitting the enemy offers lots of food and drink, as well as lots of money and prizes. Master players will not be difficult to clear enemies. ** As a good shooter game of course desert, city, snow and so on. You can choose. Various classic battle maps are available: you will experience different mastery pleasures. ** The overall feel of the game is very similar to other shooter games. However, other games don't give you the feeling of playing the same thing. With simple fighting style, novice players can start playing immediately! ** The game features realistic scenes, flexible battle mode, the world's best, fastest and most intense battle scenes in general, and simple and easy to use interface controls. These features provide entertainment that is not common in FPS games.

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