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Universal all in one maps, GPS voice navigation, traffic, speedometer, compass

<b>Know the world with My Route Planner – the all in one map app</b> 🌏
c <b> My Route Planner: Travel Assistant & Free GPS Maps </b>.

- Enter a place or address you want to get to and our all in one map app will give you precise gps map directions. Choose whether you need voice guided gps navigation, or you will follow the direction gps maps on your phone.
- Our universal maps go and navigation will show you the exact time you need to get to a destination by car, walking or bike.
- Find any location by searching by keyword or address, or use your finger to pin any location on the map and get exact directions. It’s that easy!

Looking for maps with speedometer? Well, you can easily get that with My Travel Assistant. We use a sleek speedometer to display your current moving speed. It’s easy, turn our voice-guided maps, select your destination and turn the GPS speedometer car speed measurer on your driving trips!

Our universal map navigation app helps you to never get stuck in traffic. Use the GPS navigation with traffic and escape the streets and blocks which are bloated with traffic. Our gps maps with traffic are universally useful both for the city you are living or visiting.

See your exact map & location coordinates, location and share location with friends and family. Especially useful if you are visiting a group event together filled with crowd and you can’t find each other.

Wanted to find position and exact location with compass, map & coordinates? You have that with our compass. It neatly showcases your map & location coordinates on the map or without it.

As the complete all in one map navigator and universal map app, we also include weather information for any place in the world. Know the exact live weather on your trip!

Whether you need gps navigation maps with traffic or maps with speedometer and offline compass!

Travel smarter and explore professionally with the <b>all in one universal map and traveling app</b>!
📲<b>Download My Travel Assistant for FREE!</b>