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As young people's work becomes more and more busy, the pressure is getting bigger and bigger. In order to let everyone relax, this aircraft game BiuBiuBiu is launched, which is a classic airplane game. Unlike other games, this game allows for one-handed operation, allowing you to relax without stress during your spare time. The number and speed of enemy aircraft will increase as your survival time increases. When you hit an enemy aircraft, it may not explode, so you also need to constantly avoid enemy aircraft. We add two kinds of props to the game to give players a better experience. It is not easy to develop a game, I hope everyone can support us!

1. Compete with friends from all over the world.
2, The operation is simple, suitable for both young and old.
3、 Completely free, no network.
4、 Challenge your operational limits.
5、Black and white retro style, protect the eyes.
6、One-handed operation, feel good.
How to play:
1、 BiuBiuBiu is a classic airplane game.
2、Just drag your plane and let the bullet hit the enemy plane to get the score.
3、You can view your score to compete with partners around the world.
4、You can share the game to your circle of friends to show off their level of operation.

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