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Patreon backers are providing the whole of the funding for the production of Summertime Saga, a premium dating simulation game aimed at adults that is now in the process of creating.

The passing of his father has a profound impact on a young man who is approaching the beginning of his academic career in a tiny suburban town. Not only does he discover that his father owed money to some questionable individuals, but the perplexing circumstances that surrounded his father's death are not the end of his problems.

With each update, the game has over sixty-five individuals that players may interact with and meet, over thirty different locations, over twenty different minigames, and hours of fresh material that are introduced.

The video game may be downloaded for free, but if you make a contribution to its Patreon page, you will be eligible for additional perks, such as access to secret download servers, the option to vote on future releases, and access to the wiki and bug tracker.

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