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VueTube is an open-source, simple YouTube viewer for iOS and Android. The goal was to make an interface that is quick and easy to use, with all the features of the official YouTube app and more. Some things that make it stand out are:

VueTube has many themes, including light, dark, and OLED themes.
Search Functionality: It can do simple searches right now, but there are plans to add more complicated search features.

Auto Update: When changes are available, the app lets users know and gives them the choice to drop if they want to.
Ad-Free Experience: VueTube doesn't have any ads from other sites.
Privacy Focus: It's seen as an option to other apps that is better for privacy.
No Need to Register: You don't have to register to use most of the app's functions.
Lightweight Design: The app is made to use fewer device resources than other apps that do the same thing.
Cross-Compatibility: It works on both iOS and Android.
Engagement with the Community: The development team welcomes comments and participation from the community on sites like Reddit and Discord.