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Do you work in technical or software support? Are you a software engineer? Do you get asked a bunch of dumb or simply stupid questions? Are you sometimes confounded or short on answers? Then, simply let this fortune ball decide and provide the best or most appropriate answer.
This humorous program employs various cliché answers to any software or technical support question. Next time someone asks you for help, rely on this silly side-kick. Each is intended for its entertainment value.

Okay so an Infinite Ball is just a cute name for a Fortune Ball like a Magic 8ight Ball. You must shake the phone by rotating your wrist while asking a question to get a answer. You can also touch to start shaking, and touch again to stop. If you are not seeing some shake animation in the bubble, then you won't get a new answer.

- Customizable background.
- Customizable ball color.
- Option to disable shake.

Customize to your liking. Backgrounds include a star field, nova, and galaxy. Colors include Black, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green and Pink.

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