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A for aircraft, B for bulb, M for monkey…Can your kids pair up all the English letters with corresponding vocabulary? This app gives your kids more ideas on letters, spelling and pronunciation of vocabularies through the game with eye-catching and attractive graphics. From now on, B is not just for boy or D for dog!

1.Tap the English letter
2.A vocabulary starts with corresponding letter will be pronounced
3.A graphic of corresponding vocabulary will be flipped
4.Tap another English letter and the previous one will be gone
5.See how many vocabulary your kids can learn and remember within 60 seconds
6.Score will be sent to Game centre and rank with other players

-colorful, attractive & simple user interface
-accurate real man pronunciation
-educational English learning app (Spelling and pronunciation)
-one of the game in ABC Jungle series
-challenging to compete with other kids in game centre

The main idea of this game is not to compete the amount of items tapped within 60 seconds, but the amount of vocabulary your kids can remember or learn. Let’s start with A for aircraft, B for bulb, C for cat, D for door….