Promoted apk files

Please note: the "promote file" function described on this page is currently NOT available.

As an alternative, you can buy a link / banner on any file details page (for $9.00), look for a link that says "your link here".

Users that submit their apk files might want their file to stand up from the rest and to generate more downloads. For this, we allow users to promote their file by paying a very small fee for each download that we generate at

When a file is promoted we put it on top of the lists to generate more visibility and more downloads.

To promote any file, visit the file URL and click the "promote this file" button.

On each download, we charge $0.10 from the amount you paid.

After at least one payment is made, you can return to same location and enter your payment email, it will then print statistics about the paid downloads (date, ip, country, user agent).

For any other questions just contact us.